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Our simulated granite vases are virtually indestructible. A bump from the lawn mower or weed trimmer will not affect these vases.

These vases are made from thick recyclable industrial polyethylene plastic and are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. They will not rust, corrode, or crack from freezing. They will last for years in the baking sun and can be easily wiped clean to remove hard water deposits. Unlike granite, a bump from lawnmower or weed trimmer will not crack or break the vase

Tuff Stacks

We want to help you create your dream truck. We have some great options available to spruce up your exhaust. Made of carbon fiber, these tough stacks are 10 times stronger than steel, 5 times lighter and look great. You’ll make your truck stand out with a Tuff Stack.


Due to their industrial plastic material, these planters:

  • Are durable
  • Are light weight
  • Come in tons of colors
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